Ndanu Maina: The Power of a Woman

 Ndanu Maina: The Power of a Woman

Ndanu Maina

She is the founder of Urembo Creations College, a gifted director at True D Pictures alongside her husband Sammy Dee, a TV and commercials producer and a mother. She speaks to GEORGE D. MWENDWA about her experience behind a good number of music videos, juggling the many balls and the change she’s championing for the girl child in the society.

When did your passion for both make up and the cameras begin?

That was a while back in High School though this is not where I had envisioned to end up. I could plate my friends so well and ensured they looked neat as a hobby. We then formed a group called Urembo Creations back in the days with my friends at Ngara Girls’ High School. While in campus taking Computing Science I met Sammy Dee the very gifted video director who asked me to do make up for his next video not because it was my venture but because he loved how I did my own. Later on my passion for makeup landed me to founding Urembo Creations Limited, which now houses Urembo Creations College and Urembo Creations as a make up firm. The rest as they say is history.

What was your first job like and was it rewarding?

My first ever job was the music video in which Sammy invited me up for and I was paid only sh5, 000 but that was too much for me then as I was just 18 then. I celebrated my new found venture (laughs) and proceeded to buy more beauty products to at least take this seriously. I still recall to date it was Ndakhuyanza by BMF 6 years ago.

How was Urembo Creations born from this and how the journey been?

I would say it has been worthwhile, as God has caused everything to fall into place just as I had envisioned it. The college was born from an assignment that was so weighty in my spirit and I went ahead to begin it. It was on 4th of August and I was working for Pambio Live and had to resign to begin free make up workshops to run a 1-week all-inclusive course such that the beneficiaries will make a living out of the art. I started with Shauri Moyo, Korogocho, Kayole, Soweto, twice in South C and Kibera. This was just to impact the lives of young women who want to be make up artistes but cant afford the school fees.

How did you end up as a TV producer?

I believe God just saw my undivided passion for women and their wellbeing and so he presented the opportunity. I produce Minjiminji on Rembo TV and as True D Pictures we pitched our agenda to run the TV when it was introduced in Kenya and we graciously got the deal despite being the youngest company chasing this. We started from the drawing board selecting the name, getting the crew, content, broadcasting and so on. Its target audience in the society is basically women.

How do you manage to juggle between everything that you do and not fall off the grid?

I am very organized and very keen not to waste time at all. I already know where I’ll be tomorrow at a certain time. I also keep a very small circle hence having my priorities right. Being a mum, a wife, involved in the day to day running of Rembo TV and True D Pictures and also a student at Strathmore University means I really need to organize myself pretty well.

Most successful people have quit so many times along the way before their first breakthrough. Have there been such moments for you?

Yes a lot of times. It’s easy to say don’t give up but easier said than done. I got to a point and told Sammy that I can’t do this anymore because the returns were too skimpy to meet the life I was envisaging to live in the future. Clearly I had to do a million wedding shoots to afford the car I wanted so I was deflated at some point. However the realization that it was not by chance I knew how to do make up in my own special way changed my perspective all together. I’m known for enhancing make up that doesn’t change your look. This realization is what made me to pick up again.

What should we expect from your end in the near future?

There’s a lot that is underway especially for women to just impact this generation much of which is in the pipeline and won’t be disclosed now. I also have projects to impact the lives of teenagers and I often meet a good number of them on different forums to instill values in them like etiquette, hygiene, modest dressing and make up but with an emphasis on inner beauty. Unless we preserve our young generation we’ll lose it tomorrow.

What’s your long-term plan?

When I look at my future I see a dark city full of so many lights rather candles. This means the beauty industry and specifically Urembo Creations creating these great people whom wherever they go they become the light through both the art and their inner beauty. People open up to make up artists because they come too close even into bedrooms and the moment someone opens their door to you, it’s not only that door but their hearts as well. All I see is healing and a better place created by the products of what I started as just a dream.

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